Our background

Joyce - From Lebanon (PA) to San Francisco (CA) it took me some years. On the way to there I saw Palmyra (PA), Cincinnati (OH), Bloomfield Hills (MI), Concord (MA), Battle Creek (MI), Pittsford (NY), Syracuse (NY), New York (NY), Seattle (WA), Los Angeles (CA), San Francisco (CA), Berlin (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), and Boston (MA).
I became a Graphic Designer at Parsons School of Design in New York and worked for Union Bay, B.U.M. Equipment, Rampage, Paul Davril and Esprit de Corp.
  Marek - I grew up in Aachen (Germany) near Burg Frankenberg, and enjoyed school at Montessori School Aachen and Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium.
I performed my military service with the German air force training regiment in Budel (Netherlands) and then with Fighter-Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke" at Nörvenich Air Base (Germany).
I did my Master's degree in Chemistry with Professor Engels at Goethe-University in Frankfurt (Germany), my PhD at the Joint Research Centre of the European Community in Ispra (Italy), and then my PostDoc with Professor Burlingame at UCSF in San Francisco (CA).
I worked for Bayer HealthCare (formerly Schering AG) in Berlin (Germany), AECOM Technology Corporation (formerly URS Corporation, Washington Group International, Raytheon Engineers & Constructors) in Frankfurt and Cambridge (MA), Hana Biosciences in South San Francisco (CA), and NeurogesX in San Mateo (CA), before founding Quality Works, a quality and GxP consulting company for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries.
Lena - Our little girl, always in our memories.   Milo - Our older son, just graduated from college.
    Nicco - Our younger son, studying at college.